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Give to Crossroads today and help us reach more people with the hope of Jesus, and receive David Ash' new book as a thank you for your partnership.



Everyday, Crossroads hears from thousands of Canadians who are desperate for hope RIGHT NOW. Your generous donation is urgently needed to help Crossroads meet the growing despair of Canadians with the love  of Jesus through our programs and various ministries. You can be the reason they find hope and healing in Christ by giving today. 

As a thank you for your donation of $30 or more, we’ll send you a copy of David Ash’s powerful new book, Simple Wealth, to help guide you and anyone in your life towards financial freedom. [Hint - It’s the best gift you can give your kids at the start of a New Year]


In recent months, our ministry has experienced a surge in people coming to Crossroads looking for encouragement and healing. These are our friends and neighbours who are going through hard times and searching for hope.

Our 24/7 Prayer Centre alone is receiving more than 1,400 calls every day from people carrying heavy burdens and looking for prayer and support.



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Every day Crossroads reaches tens of thousands of people around the world with the hope of Jesus through ministries like:

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We need your help to strengthen our programs and train more volunteers to meet the growing need we’re seeing daily.


As a thank you for your generous donation of $30 or more, we want to send you a copy of David Ash’s new book, Simple Wealth. 

For this monthly only, we are teaming up with Canadian author and investor, David Ash, to provide you with a proven roadmap to set anyone in your life up for a bright financial future, no matter what challenges they face.

With the ongoing effects of the pandemic being felt through inflation and rising costs of EVERYTHING from food to housing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Canadians (especially younger Canadians) to make ends meet, let alone invest for their future.

Simple Wealth is a powerful tool for anyone looking to strengthen their financial foundation and makes a profoundly practical gift for your adult children that they will thank you for many times over.

January is the time when the optimism of the New Year collides with the reality of our Christmas spending. There is no better time for you to grab ahold of the proven principles in Simple Wealth, as you make a financial plan for the year and share these principles with those you love.


Watch David’s recent interview on 100 Huntley Street to hear his personal testimony and discover why he wrote this book to help the next generation find financial freedom in response to God’s prompting.

What they are saying.

Great Book! Purchased three copies for our adult children. After reading they were engaged talking about investments and philosophy ideas from the book. Each proceeded to open direct investing accounts. Well worth the read. Straight forward and thought provoking! 5 stars

– Amazon Customer

I never finished a finance book… Until I got this one. This is a down to earth; no-nonsense book. No crazy plans or budgeting required… Just simple, proven principles that will put on the path to financial freedom.

– Amazon Customer

No big fancy terms, no crazy plans or budgeting … Just proven principles that will put your financial life on autopilot. An easy-to-follow financial roadmap for anyone, even if they’re just starting out.

– Amazon Customer



Meet David Ash

If a broke, high-school dropout can retire a millionaire, anyone can.

How did a bankrupt 28-year-old go from financial devastation to financial freedom? It’s simple. After losing it all, he turned away from needlessly complex investment schemes and chasing fads and embraced timeless, proven principles.

Canadian author David Ash wrote Simple Wealth to be an easy to-follow roadmap to building wealth for his adult children. In this easy-to-read book he’s sharing the 6 Proven Principles he used to achieve his own financial freedom. And now he’s helping you do the same.

David is a founding member of Vancouver, BC’s TIGER 21 chapter, a global, peer-to-peer learning network of high net worth individuals, managing $75 billion in personal assets.


Crossroads is Canada’s leading Christian voice in media, providing faith and values content for people of all ages. For over 55 years, Crossroads has been connecting millions of viewers worldwide to the Good News of Jesus Christ through inspirational content and has answered more than 12 Million prayer calls. 100 Huntley Street, the flagship program of Crossroads founded by Rev. David Mainse, remains the sixth longest-running daily show in TV history with over 12,000 episodes. Crossroads is also a highly respected and effective not-for-profit aid agency, having responded in times of natural disaster worldwide, raising funds and partnering with on-site, non-government organizations for emergency relief and long-term rebuilding strategies.

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