Project HopeSpring 2024


Join us in bringing hopebringing hope through Crossroad's Prayer Centre



Our Ministry Gift to You!

In appreciation of your valuable support to our ministry, we’d like to provide you with a faith-enriching resource. Simply make a minimum contribution, and you can select a ‘thank you’ product of your choice. Please be aware that the Fair Market Value will be subtracted from your tax receipt.






OUR GOAL: $100,000



Crossroads Prayer Centre is a beacon of hope that is open 24/7 every day of the year since 1976. Just recently, we celebrated our 13.7 millionth answered prayer call!

People from all walks of life are reaching out to us, seeking comfort, connection, and hope in the midst of life’s struggles—whether it’s battling depression, anxiety, loneliness, family issues, health concerns, or spiritual needs. At Crossroads, we're committed to shining the unwavering light of Jesus into these dark places.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of countless individuals who are seeking solace and support.

• $10/month: Supports up to 4 prayer calls per month
• $25/month: Supports up to 10 prayer calls per month
• $50/month: Provides ongoing outreach support
• $100+/month: Enables sustainability and growth of the Prayer Centre’s services
• $50: Supports up to 20 prayer calls
• $100: Supports up to 40 prayer calls
• $300: Covers prayer centre operations for 1 hour
• $7,000: Covers prayer centre operations for 1 day



It's not just a call, it's a journey of healing and renewal!


Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference in the lives of those we serve. Your donation supports prayer interactions (calls, email, text, chat, mail), salvations, follow up-care, Bible resources, volunteer training, and more. Join us today and be a part of bringing hope to individuals in their time of need.


Together, we can illuminate the darkness with the hope and love that comes from Jesus.