Help women escape persecution by partnering to construct a safe home in Nigeria.

About Mara’s House
A safe home in Nigeria, Mara’s House assists traumatized young women rescued or recovering from persecution, terrorism, kidnapping, sexual violence, child-marriage, and socio-economic deprivation. In addition to safe housing, Mara’s House provides medical care, education, vocational training, and pastoral care so women can rebuild their lives and create opportunities for their future. 

Crossroads Cares has come alongside Mara’s House to help women in Nigeria. We are raising $120,000, to complete construction on a new building to accommodate more women
who desperately need safety and care.

Your support provides young women a hope-filled future!


Nigeria History

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, is sharply divided along religious lines with a Muslim-dominated north and a majority-Christian south. There are more than 80 million professing Christians in Africa’s most populous nation, the fruit of both pioneer mission work and the return of freed slaves who carried the Gospel with them to the African continent following the abolition of slavery in England during 1833. 

Foreign missionary activity in the Muslim majority north has declined significantly over the past ten years as a result of the emergence of the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram. 

Although the militants appear to have weakened in the northeast, it is believed they are the source of increasing attacks on Christian villages by a group of militant Fulani herdsmen, a tribe known for its adherence to strict Islam.

Meet Rebecca

One night Rebecca had a dream, she saw a man in white, telling her He is the way, the truth, and the life. Rebecca had a divine encounter and accepted Jesus into her life. Her family disapproved, they persecuted her and tried to stone her to death.
A voice told Rebecca to run, and she ran for ten hours. She found her way to Christian Faith Ministries who started Mara’s House.

Mara’s House is a safe Christian refuge for young women like Rebecca. Accommodations, meals, medical care, and Biblical discipleship is provided to women who share these heart-breaking stories.

Help provide safety for more women  through Mara’s House!


Crossroads Cares responds to the humanitarian crisis with both short-term emergency response and long-term development projects. We are committed to giving tangible hope and support to others through food and water, rescue and care, and health and education. We strive to make aggressive long-term investments into areas that affect the most vulnerable people groups, enabling them to escape the most extreme of circumstances, and equipping them to provide for their own needs longer-term.

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