Think about the innovation of Rev. David Mainse in 1977 to establish Crossroads’ 24/7 Prayer Centre, so people watching 100 Huntley Street could have a direct way to respond to the program and the Holy Spirit’s prompting in their lives. This has been a vital lifeline for 41 years, where callers can connect to a live person to receive comfort and wisdom in their loneliest hour, desperate moment or in their spiritual questions. The original social media! We answer about 30,000 calls for prayer every month, plus additional requests for prayer via email and social media.

While many younger generations may be attached to their phones, they aren’t primarily being used for voice calls. Texts, Facebook messages and conversations online have become the communication mode of choice for many. In response, we’re making an intentional investment in digital discipleship with our new Walk of Faith Pastor, Junior Smith!


Crossroads started the Walk of Faith Discipleship program to walk alongside each person who connects with us as they grow in their faith and journey with Jesus. This is an ongoing ministry that takes the next steps after a call to our prayer lines. Through emails, chats, social media, and instant messaging, we connect individuals with our trained mentors, who journey with you towards long term change and hope.

In his own walk of faith, Junior has embraced this key role at Crossroads to pray with viewers in our digital, online and text communities. He has been a Ministry Care Representative on the Crossroads phone lines and is equipped and called to minister in these innovative ways. He is also helping Crossroads launch the new Walk of Faith online mentorship program. This unique program will help those who have reached out to Crossroads for prayer grow in their Christian faith through intentional and ongoing digital discipleship. You can learn more about this new initiative on our website at crossroads.ca/247prayer.

Q: How did you come to know Christ?

Junior Smith (JS) – As the son of a pastor I grew up in a Christian household. I have always been involved in the ministry of the church from as young as six years old. However, going to church was just something I did. I gave my life to the Lord from the age of nine, but I didn’t really know what that meant. In my late teen years, I had questions about myself and my faith and that search led me to pay attention to the Word of God and a life of personal devotion. As I sought after a more meaningful relationship with Christ, I found Him. In 2009, I asked God to help me find my purpose. After my plans failed, I’m learning to trust God with them. I am a living testimony that God’s plans are always better than anything I can imagine or undertake. Christ is more real to me than anything I can see.

Q: Why are you passionate about the prayer ministry at Crossroads?

JS – In addition to the devotional time led by our team leaders and the fellowship shared among the team, it is a fulfilling experience when someone gives their life to Jesus. We lovingly listen and compassionately share God’s uplifting word and pray God’s words over the lives of so many.

Q: What is the role of the Walk of Faith Pastor?

JS– My job is to reach people with the Gospel in on-going discipleship ministry through technology such as emails, text messaging and social media. Since more than half of the world is online it is an exciting venture to bring the ministry experience from the prayer lines to the digital world. There are people all around the world that we will never be able to speak to face-to-face, but we can still have fellowship with them and share the Gospel with them.