24/7 Prayer Line


When people are lonely, depressed, sick, searching or even suicidal they reach out to crossroads 24 seven prayer line. 1600 try to reach us every day.  But only 1200 can get through.  

Your recurring gift of $10 will enable us to answer an additional five calls per month and give hope and care.

Prayer Works!

A 12-year-old boy called to ask, “Would God be mad at me if I took my life?”

Feeling alone and abandoned, this boy had googled “prayer lines” at just the right time. Our prayer partner was able to lead him to Jesus while also suggesting how he could reach out to his estranged parents. The call ended with the boy’s promise to choose life in Christ instead of suicide. He even called back a few hours later, excited to report that he had already reached out to his parents and that the avenues of communication were open again!



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